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Blood cancer stops for nothing.

Aria was just five when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. The life-saving treatment she needed was in Brisbane, more than 1500kms from her home in Cairns.

With a mortgage on a new house to pay and interest rates and cost of living rising sharply, Aria’s dad Hagen and mum Jess couldn’t afford to relocate their whole family of six.

That left them with little choice but to split the family up during Aria’s nine-month blood cancer treatment, right at a time they needed each other’s love and support most.

Please help provide Leukaemia Foundation accommodation close to major hospitals, so people like Aria can get the medical care they need, surrounded by the people they love.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Finding out your child has blood cancer is one of the most terrifying and stressful things any parent can experience. On top of that, Aria’s family faced the additional heartbreak of having to spend weeks apart while she went through the fight of her life.

40% of people living with blood cancer come from regional, rural and remote areas. The financial burden of relocating drives many to seek less-than optimal care closer to home.

Sadly, it means some people simply don’t access treatment at all.

Please give a gift now to help make sure no one has to leave the love and support of family behind to access the blood cancer treatment they urgently need.

Thankfully, a house in a Leukaemia Foundation Village was available when Aria and her family had nowhere else to turn.

Your kind donation will help provide more Leukaemia Foundation accommodation close to major hospitals – so other Australians like Aria can get the treatment they need, surrounded by the people they love.

​​​​​​​Please give generously to make sure no one has to leave family behind to get the blood cancer treatment they need.

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My Choice

At age 14, Siobhan was told that she had blood cancer –she was overwhelmed with big emotions.

Siobhan was terrified about what the future held. She felt waves of anger and sadness. She even felt embarrassed and ashamed, because her treatment made her hair fall out and her body change beyond recognition.

There are so many thoughts and feelings for people to process after their diagnosis. Today, you can make sure that they don’t have to struggle alone.

Please will you give a gift, so people like Siobhan can have support to cope with the big emotions of blood cancer – whether they’re feeling ashamed about their illness or fearful about their future?

Siobhan’s diagnosis left her in a dark place – literally. “I just wanted to stay in my room with the curtains closed,” she says. “But then I started speaking to Maryanne, my Blood Cancer Support Coordinator.”

These health professionals are specially trained to offer emotional support – but they can only be there with your help.

“Without Maryanne, I would have been in a much worse mental state,” continues Siobhan. “She helped me process my emotions, so I no longer felt ashamed and I started feeling much more positive about the future.”

More funds are urgently needed for Blood Cancer Support Coordinators, so please will you give a gift now? You can help people like Siobhan navigate the big emotions of blood cancer – and find their way to a bright future beyond.​​​​​​​

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Before her treatment, Aria was an active and outgoing five-year-old. She loved drawing, swimming and playing with her three brothers.

Treatment took its toll on Aria, but having her family around helped her through it.

Aria’s cancer is in remission and she’s back home with her family. Leukaemia Foundation accommodation and support was vital to making that possible.

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